“Falling” by Yuina Wada

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About this project

Gallery Delaive is delighted to present “Falling”, the first NFT collection by Yuina Wada. It consists out of 89 unique drawings minted with the ERC721 smart contract on the etherhum blockchain. All the NFTs together make a moving video (GIF) with the last layer connecting to the first so you can see the circulation eternally.

Yuina Wada: “The style of animation “GIF” is “old-fashion” on the internet.
I like that because it is so “minimalistic”.

I’m so inspired by SUPER FLAT by Takashi Murakami because I’m a Japanese painter. Murakami loves a legendary animator Yoshinori Kanada.
His animation drawn by hand is also “old-fashion” in Japanese animation.
My making animation is just beginning.

This time I tried to draw a human moving (with long hair and a dress) and water flowing. The meaning of the story is an allegory of life.

You know that a falling makes a jump, right?
Falling and jumping is also “minimalistic” of life.
That is beautiful. :)”

The Artist Yuina Wada 和田唯奈

Yuina Wada was born in 1989 in Gifu, Japan.
She graduated from Nagoya University of the Arts. During her career, she received the award of Shin Suzuki at GEISAI#17. This is where Gallery Delaive first met Yuina Wada. Now Gallery Delaive and Yuina Wada are working together for over more then 10 years.

“I loved drawing and painting from childhood. I came to love bright colors and shiny materials from about 14 years old. I have been studying the way to paint and work with them. And I think about the world of mind. I want to paint about that.”

Team, Artist, Friends & Family

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Original Artworks

For the past ten years Gallery Delaive has been pleased to represent Yuina Wada. Her original artworks are on display at the Gallery that is located on the Spieglegracht 23 in Amsterdam.

Please take a look at our website to see available artworks. If you are interested to purchase an original artwork by Yuina Wada, please contact the Gallery.

More about Yuina Wada


You will be able to mint directly from our website in June, 2022.

“Falling” is a collection that consists of 89 unique hand-drawn NFT’s.

The mint price of 1 NFT will be 0.4 ETH. We accept iDeal, Credit Card,  Alipay, WeChat Pay and Ethereum.

The whitelist will be available for personal selection only.

Each NFT is hand drawn by the artist Yuina Wada.

You will need to have a web3 wallet (Metamask). Then connect your wallet to our official website and mint the NFT on launch date.

The maximum mint amount per wallet is 1 NFT.

Yes. You can sell your NFT on OpenSea.