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june 2010

Ayako Rokkaku op de Art Amsterdam 2010

SCOPE BASEL June 15-19, stand H53, Gallery Delaive

Ayako Rokkaku returns to Switzerland, SCOPE BASEL, with the Anime ‘About Us’.

Kaikai Kiki, the company of the renowned Japanese pop artist Takashi Murakami launched the Geisai art market to support cutting edge upcoming Japanese artists. The young artist Ayako Rokkaku (1982) won the Scout Prize at Geisai # 4 and the prestigious Akio Goto Prize at Geisai # 9. Geisai invited high profile industry experts such as Francois Pinault, owner of auction house Christie's, and the architect Tadao Ando who both took part of the panel of judges for the ninth edition of the art market. Artist Yoshimoto Nara and David Ellis formed a jury panel in earlier editions of Geisai. After the successful participation of Rokkaku at Geisai in Japan, Murakami invited the young artist to join him with Kaikai Kiki at the VOLTA02 show in Basel, here she met gallery owner Nico Delaive. Since 2006 Rokkaku had many successful exhibitions and has attracted the eye of art collectors worldwide. Rokkaku returns to BASEL four years later, this time together with Nico Delaive and her latest art project; an animated movie.

With the realization of this project the dream of Rokkaku becomes reality by means of one of the most loved Japanese art form; the Anime. This unique project has been made possible with the expertise and creativity of leading figures in the Japanese music world as Kentar? Kawaguchi, front man of the world famous band 54-71. The title of the movie is ‘About Us’ and tells us a story about a girl who connects the past with the future. The bright, painterly style with which Rokkaku paints her adolescent girl figures remains intact in the anime. ‘About Us’ lacks a computer controlled graphical perfection and thus shows us a unique style, not yet seen in Japanese Anime.

Paintings Ayako Rokkaku
Music Makiko Naka
Script Kentarō Kawaguchi
Direction / Animator Michinori “Mitch” Saigo

At SCOPE BASEL Rokakku will perform live on Tuesday June 15 at booth number H53, Gallery Delaive.

For more information please contact Nico Delaive or Marlies Bolhoven at telephone number 020-6221295 or send an email to

Ayako Rokkaku at Art Amsterdam 2010
Ayako Rokkaku at Art Amsterdam 2010
Ayako Rokkaku at Art Amsterdam 2010
Ayako Rokkaku at Art Amsterdam 2010
Ayako Rokkaku at Art Amsterdam 2010
Ayako Rokkaku at Art Amsterdam 2010
live uizending performance