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Sam Francis

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Karel Appel

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Niki de Saint Phalle

Niki de Saint Phalle:the Niki Charitable Art Foundation

Niki de Saint Phalle: Tarot gardenofficial website

Niki de Saint Phalle: Queen Califia's Magical Circle Garden

Walasse Ting

Walasse Ting:丁雄泉 - Chinese version

Ayako Rokkaku

Ayako Rokkaku:

Ayako Rokkaku:

Kees van Bohemen

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Sam Francis

Audio: Sam Francis, Violet, Yellow and White

Sam Francis and Walasse Ting about Andy Warhol

Sam Francis / Walasse Ting

talking about Andy Warhol

The painter, Sam Francis

Sam Francis, the painter

trailer of the film by Jeffrey Perkins

See Walasse Ting painting

Walasse Ting

painting in the studio of Sam Francis, Venice, CA

See Karel Appel painting

Karel Appel

the great Cobra painter in action, 1962

See Ayako Rokkaku painting

Ayako Rokkaku

painting in Amsterdam in the studio of Gallery Delaive, 2007

See Ayako Rokkaku painting

Ayako Rokkaku

painting at Geisai 10

KaiKai & KiKi animation

Takashi Murakami

KaiKai & Kiki Animation

Geisai museum

Geisai museum

Takashi Murakami - Ayako Rokkaku

Niki de Saint Phalle exhibition in the Tate

Niki de Saint Phalle

exhibition at the Tate, Liverpool

Performance by Yves Klein

Yves Klein

Anthropometries of the blue period, 1960

See Picasso painting

Pablo Picasso

Visit to Picasso

See Picasso painting

Kees van Dongen

opening of Kees van Dongen exhibition in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam, 1967


Christie's New York to auction an artwork created by an algorithm

This fall, as part of the ongoing dialogue over AI and art, Christie’s will become the first major auction house to offer a work of art created by an algorithm, which will be included in the Prints & Multiples auction in New York October 23-25. The work is titled Portrait of Edmond de Belamy (estimate: $7,000-10,000), created by artificial intelligence and conceived by the Paris-based collective Obvious. The portrait depicts a gentleman, possibly French and — to judge by his dark frockcoat and plain white collar — a man of the church. The work appears unfinished: the facial features are somewhat indistinct and there are blank areas of canvas. The portrait, however, is not the product of a human mind. It is one of a group of 11 unique portraits of the fictional Belamy family conceived by Obvious, a Paris-based collective consisting of Hugo Caselles-Dupré, Pierre Fautrel and Gauthier Vernier. Hugo Caselles-Dupré, repre

200-million year old Pterosaur 'built for flying'

Scientists unveiled a previously unknown species of giant pterosaur, the first creatures with a backbone to fly under their own power. Neither dino nor bird, pterosaurs -- more commonly known as pterodactyls -- emerged during the late Triassic period more than 200 million years ago and lorded over primeval skies until a massive space rock slammed into Earth, wiping out the dinosaurs and most other forms of life some 65 million years ago. The newly discovered member of the family, identified through remains found in northeastern Utah, had a wing-span of 1.5 metres (five feet) and 112 teeth, including fang-like spikes sticking out near the snout. A jutting lower jaw suggests a pelican-like pouch, perhaps to scoop up fish and unsuspecting small reptiles. "They are delicately framed animals that are built for flying," said Brooks Britt, a

Museum Ludwig exhibits 'Photographer’s Name: Aenne Biermann'

With the Agfa Collection, the Museum Ludwig holds not only an extensive collection of photographs from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, but also—little known and not yet fully processed—the archives of the Agfa, Leonar, and Perutz advertising departments. As documented by announcements in photography magazines, the companies encouraged their customers to submit negatives, and those whose works they accepted were paid. The negatives and various prints were used to present the quality of the papers, negatives, flashes, and other items in brochures, magazines, and at fairs. Negatives and photographs by Aenne Biermann (1898–1933) have also been found in these collections. Biermann, who died prematurely in 1933, was represented in groundbreaking exhibitions during her lifetime, such as the international Werkbund exhibition Film und Foto, and was regarded as an avant- garde photographer of the first order wi

'Most horrible place on earth': German Foreign Minister visits Auschwitz

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas on Monday visited the former Nazi-German death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau, which he called "the most horrible place on earth". Maas has often said that the site which Nazi Germany installed in occupied Poland during World War II inspired him to go into politics. "I saw thousands of children's shoes that were taken off them on their way to the gas chamber, tons of human hair that was taken from people before they were sent to the gas chamber," Maas said after visiting the site in the southern Polish city of Oswiecim. "This is the most horrible place on earth. And it is here where you have to make a choice: either you lose all faith in humanity, or you gain the hope and the strength to stand up for human dignity and to work for it," he added. "This is a place of remembrance that reminds us Germans above all of what we did to millions of people.

Australian artist Charles Blackman OBE passed away this morning

The Charles Blackman Foundation announced this morning that Charles Blackman OBE passed away just one week after his 90th birthday celebrations. Charles Blackman is regarded as one of the most important figurative painters in Australia. Best known for his Schoolgirl and Alice in Wonderland series, Blackman’s artistic practice spanned painting, drawing, sculpture and tapestry, using his multidisciplinary approach to explore the female psyche, poetry, music and aesthetic philosophies. Blackman’s work is held in all major public collections in Australia and internationally including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and the Tate Gallery in London. He was the recipient of many prizes and distinctions including a major touring retrospective in 1993 and was appointed an Officer of the British Empire (OBE) for services to Australian art in 1977. A portrait of Charles Blackman by Jon Molvig won the Archibald Prize in 1966 and