Yves Klein

Monochrome und Feuer, 1961

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Yves Klein

Monochrome und Feuer, 1961

Each 32 x 23,5 cm

"Monochrome und Feuer". 1961.
Exhibition catalogue with 2 serigraphs on cardboard and one leaf-gilt cardboard.

The exhibition catalogue "Yves Klein, Monochrome und Feuer" was released by the Kaiser Wilhelm Museum, Krefeld on the occasion of the first German comprehensive exhibition of the artist held from 14th January - 26th February 1961 in the Museum Lange, Krefeld. The gold-coloured cardboard was leaf-gilt by Yves Klein. The final catalogue page with the handwritten note "Gold gut. T" by Mrs. Tomma Wember

Purchased during the opening of the exhibition Yves Klein in the Museum Haus Lange in Krefeld.

The written confirmation by Mrs. Tomma Wember, Krefeld, is available.

Comp. Robert Fleck, Marie Raymond, Yves Klein, Angers 2004, p. 171 (here titled "Triptyque de Krefeld").
Slightly rubbed in places. Otherwise in very good condition.

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